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This year we proudly presented DfiStarter, the first project accelerator built on the Dfinity ecosystem, a launchpad to empower projects through quick and cheap capital raise, while providing them with tailored tools and technology services designed to facilitate their path to long term success and sustained growth

As we reach this year’s final quarter and rapidly approach 2022, we now take a moment to go through our roadmap in greater detail and to break down, step by step, the process of bringing this ambitious project to life.

Q3 2021

During the third quarter of the year, we took our first…

DfiStarter is the first project accelerator build for Dfinity-based projects, providing them with multiple services and technologies they need to succeed in the long term, including a unique Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) platform, along with marketing services, technical support, and unique platform solutions.

IDO Platforms are extremely important to the existence of any blockchain ecosystem as they provide the necessary infrastructure for developers and startups to easily and quickly raise funds from the community and, in turn, build tools that support the ecology of said ecosystem. …

In our previous post, we went into detail about some of the current and upcoming features of the Dfistarter platform. As the first Dfinity-based launchpad, we aim to innovate and to offer numerous features that other launchpads within the industry do not.

In order to bring our vision to reality, we quickly understood the importance of decentralization and utility and how fragile these two concepts are. …

DfiStarter is the first project accelerator built on the Dfinity ecosystem. It empowers projects to quickly and cheaply raise capital and provides them with a tailored set of tools and the technology services they require for their long-term success, setting itself apart from other accelerators in the IDO space.

DfiStarter chose Dfinity as its ecosystem due to its unlimited scalability, top-notch performance, and superior governance. These factors provide the perfect environment for smart contracts to run smoothly and to scale, avoiding the common issues found on legacy smart contract blockchains like Ethereum.

The DfiStarter Launchpad will offer regular token sales…

Dear users,

In return for your long-term support of our project, the second phase of the product test airdrop event is now available!

We have sent test links and forms to everyone who passed the first stage. (PS: Airdrop event is only for those who have passed the first stage screening participated in the test and submitted the forms successfully. For those who did not participate or did not pass the first stage screening, we sincerely welcome you to experience our product)

Before that, please confirm that you already have the GAS of the Ropsten network.

When you receive the…

Dear users, here we sincerely appreciate your long-term support and patient waiting.

In mid-July, we opened the first phase of the beta product form, and we received approximately 30,000 submissions. We were deeply shocked by your enthusiasm, and your enthusiasm inspired us. Since the number of participants did exceed our expectations, it took us a while to evaluate the results and screen out over 10,000 qualified candidates.

We have sent a simple test email to affirm that the users can successfully accept our email to all the people on the qualified list. …

We are extremely thrilled to share very exciting news with you all. It has been an exhilarating and fulfilling month of action for us here at Dfistarter. But first things first, we want to start by telling how grateful we are for your continued support and positive energy. It’s hard to come up with adequate words to describe how much our community means to us. Thank you so much to all of you for making Dfistarter stronger everyday.

We know you were eagerly waiting for the first Dfistarter update but there were a number of reasons we didn’t share more…


DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.

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