Introducing SyntheTech ($SYNK) to DfiStarter Community

3 min readFeb 1, 2024

We are thrilled to unveil SyntheTech ($SYNK), a pioneering blockchain platform, as it gears up for its much-anticipated launch on DfiStarter. SyntheTech represents a groundbreaking fusion of artificial intelligence and blockchain technology, marking a significant leap in the evolution of the BRC20 ecosystem.

SyntheTech Introduction

SyntheTech is the first platform to introduce Al into the BRC 20ecosystem and provide services for layer 2. This will accelerate the rapid development of the BRC 20 ecosystem and bring endless possibilities to the Web3 era.

SyntheTech is a cutting-edge blockchain solution with a dual-layer architecture for efficient transaction handling and smart contract support. It leverages advanced AI, including an NLP engine for converting natural language into smart contracts, and offers customizable development tools.

The platform ensures robust security with zero-knowledge proofs and modern encryption, complemented by a user-friendly interface and broad interoperability through APIs and SDKs. Its modular design, Merkle tree technology, and Bitcoin script enhancements make it a streamlined, secure choice in blockchain technology.

$SYNK Tokenomics

SyntheTech is backed by a robust tokenomic structure, with a total supply of 1 billion $SYNK tokens.

Blockchain: Ethereum

$SYNK Contract Address: 0xb504C9F92b0C98Df65750455B30D918B7924B564

The distribution includes:

IDO: 2%

Liquidity: 15%

Team: 10%

Governance: 5%

Airdrops: 8%

Ecosystem Governance: 60%

SyntheTech Roadmap to Success

SyntheTech’s roadmap from 2024 to 2026 encompasses six stages, starting with the development of core blockchain technology and a basic NLP engine for smart contracts, coupled with foundational security protocols. The following stages focus on enhancing AI integration, user interface development, expanding smart contract templates, and boosting security features. In late 2025, the platform enters optimization and public testing phases, leading to its official launch and expansion of ecosystem partnerships in early 2026. The roadmap culminates in global adoption and establishing SyntheTech as a leader in AI-driven blockchain solutions by the end of 2026.

SyntheTech IDO on DfiStarter

With its cross-chain bridge, SyntheTech aims to extend the functionality and value of EVM integration and assets on Dfinity.

  • Funding Demand: 18,000 USDT(7.826 ETH)
  • Launch Amount: 9,000,000
  • Launch Price: 0.002 USDT (0.00000087 ETH)
  • Launch Time: Feb 4, 12 noon — Feb 4, 8 PM UTC+8
  • Total Tickets: 200
  • Alpha Whitelist:
  • — — Funding Demand:17, 500 USDT (7.6085ETH)
  • — — Tickets: 175
  • — — Per Ticket Price: 100 USDT (0.043 ETH)
  • ——Per Ticket Amount: 50000
  • Beta Whitelist
  • — — Funding Demand:500 USDT (0.2173ETH)
  • — — Tickets: 25
  • — — Per Ticket Price: 20 USDT (0.011 ETH)
  • ——Per Ticket Amount: 10000
  • Time to Claim Token: Feb 4, 9 PM UTC+8
  • IDO Mechanism: Whitelist Only


  1. Please remember to set aside a sum higher than 0.043ETH to cover the ETH Gas fees.
  2. For this particular IDO, the IDO whitelist was provided by SyntheTech. This decision is based on their specific strategic needs.

As SyntheTech embarks on its journey towards the IDO on DfiStarter, we invite you to be part of this transformative adventure in blockchain technology. This is a unique opportunity to witness and contribute to the future of blockchain, AI integration, and the vast potential of the Web3 era with SyntheTech and DfiStarter. Stay engaged for more exciting updates!

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