How to Participate in SyntheTech IDO

3 min readFeb 3, 2024

DfiStarter is the first multi-chain project accelerator within the Dfinity ecosystem. Please ensure you read through the guide for a smooth IDO experience.

SyntheTechIDO applies a Whitelist mechanism. Participants should check whether their ETH address is whitelisted and ensure that there is sufficient ETH gas.

Here is the step-by-step guide for whitelisted users to participate in the IDO.

Step 1: Connect Wallet to DfiStarter Launchpad

(This tutorial uses Metamask as an example. Please ensure that your wallet network is set to the Ethereum mainnet.)

Step 2: Prepare Enough ETH in Your Wallet

Withdraw more than 0.05 ETH from an exchange or any Ethereum wallet with $ETH to your whitelisted address, making sure the transfer network is the Ethereum mainnet (ERC20).

Step 3: Enter SyntheTech IDO and Confirm Transaction

  • Check out the page of Ongoing Projects
  • Find the SyntheTechIDO section and click “Enter”

On the IDO page, you can view the basic information about SyntheTech and your quota. For this IDO, your share is 100 or 20 USDT.

After confirming the information is correct, please click “Stake” and proceed to interact with the contract. In the pop-up transaction page, click to confirm.

Once the transaction is successful, the whitelist pool will display the amount you have staked and your token allocation, meaning you have completed the IDO.

Step 4: Claim your $SYNK Token

The time to claim your $SYNK token on the SyntheTechIDO page is Feb 4, 9 PM UTC+8.

This action requires manual execution by the user and will consume a small amount of ETH, so please ensure your wallet address has enough gas.

Key Points of SyntheTech IDO

  • Blockchain: Ethereum
  • $SYNK Contract Address: 0xb504C9F92b0C98Df65750455B30D918B7924B564
  • Funding Demand: 18,000 USDT(7.826 ETH)
  • Launch Amount: 9,000,000
  • Launch Price: 0.002 USDT (0.00000087 ETH)
  • Launch Time: Feb 4 12 noon, UTC+8
  • Total Tickets: 200
  • Alpha Whitelist:
  • — — Funding Demand:17, 500 USDT (7.6085ETH)
  • — — Tickets: 175
  • — — Per Ticket Price: 100 USDT (0.043 ETH)
  • — — Per Ticket Amount: 50000
  • Beta Whitelist
  • — — Funding Demand:500 USDT (0.2173ETH)
  • — — Tickets: 25
  • — — Per Ticket Price: 20 USDT (0.011 ETH)
  • — — Per Ticket Amount: 10000
  • Time to Claim Token: Feb 4, 9 PM UTC+8
  • IDO Mechanism: Whitelist Only

If you have any questions, please promptly join the official DfiStarter Telegram community and contact admins: Hope you have a happy IDO experience!




DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.