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7 min readMar 15, 2022

Last night we held an AMA in the TG group and asked a lot of interesting questions. For those of you who missed the questions, what happened in our AMA Review and check it out!

1.(Runner): So first of all, can you give us a little background on Two Monkey Juice bar and the team?

(0xkenMkt): In Short: World’s First NFT Franchise Juice Bar For The Metaverse with first P2E Juice Blast game and unique NFTs!

In Deeper Explanation: TWO MONKEY JUICE BAR is the world’s first hospitality franchising system through the metaverse ecosystem which comprises NFT collectibles, P2E GameFi, Virtual Juice Bar Franchise.

Starting with launching the world’s first “candy-crush-like P2E Game” also known as match-three-puzzle game. We are also launching the world’s first NFT Juice Bar Franchise for the Metaverse. In the future , we will explore collaboration with Metaverse Virtual Land developers to allow virtual landowners to set up a franchised Two Monkey Juice Bar in the land-plot.

Juice Bar Franchise owners can then sell juices or memorabilia through NFTs curated specially by TMJB Headquarter for the franchisee without any need to design or code anything. Simply click a menu & randomly generated NFTs will be issued for the Franchisee.

This cross-collaboration will make metaverse land-ownership more than just owning a piece of virtual land, but also set up a virtual business that can generate profit.

As for team background: Most of us like the founder and our tech team has been in the crypto-space for more than 6–7 years

(Runner): Awesome!

(0xkenMkt): Personally, I was a former founder of Block Asia (Southeast Asia largest blockchain media) and also formerly from Huobi Global Exchange as a Southeast Asia Huobi Elite which helped promoted the exchange in our region.

(Runner): That’s very good experience right there.

2.(Runner): What are the outstanding features of Two Monkey compared to other projects?

(0xkenMkt): We are creating a very simple, easy-to-play ecosystem that targets the mass and mainstream users. In other words, we are a low-entry barrier crypto ecosystem compared to other crypto games out there.

The current problem with crypto gameFi out there is that there are still high barriers-to-entry, meaning that it is very difficult for mainstream or non-crypto people to get into the space. Either it is too expensive to start playing the game or it is too complex to start.

Furthermore, most gameFi out there are mostly battle-games which means it is not suitable for many non-gamers out there.

When you look at candy-crush games, it is a world-wide phenomenon that generates billions of dollars of revenue each year!

(Runner): This is actually true, almost all crypto games are battle games, I’ve seen a few card games too.

(0xkenMkt): We’ve been in the crypto space for many years now.. since the hot ICO days back in 2016/17 till now .. many projects are talking about mass adoption from then till now .. but it seems that companies are only making crypto harder and more difficult with all the terminologies and what not

So why not make crypto easy and simple even your grandmother can use it easily .. wouldn’t this create more crypto holders for the benefit of the wider crypto holders as a whole ? LOL

(Runner): Valid, I think this is the way to go now, especially with gaming.

3.(Runner): What are the economic benefits of the $TMON token?

Tristan: So by buying $TMON tokens, $TMON holders will be able to claim rewards through participating in the play-to-earn mechanism, DeFi operation and DAO voting process.

$TMON will also be accepted as the payment currency in TMON In-app Game,Marketplace and CRM app where players can buy and sell their in-game NFT assets as well as earn tokens for purchasing at the Metaverse franchised store! $TMON holders will also unlock additional gameplay time in our games, which means more challenges and more rewards! 🤑. And $TMON will also be the main token powering our entire ecosystem

(Runner): Nice, will there be NFTs?

(Tristan): Yes of course! We have our 10,000 NFTs already designed as well and will be releasing in early April. We will also be presenting these nfts to the NFT LA afterparty at Beverly Hills Mansion to big investors like Mark Cuban

(Runner): Oh Nice, I love NFTs

(Tristan): Yes, we love them too here at TMON, that’s why we incorporated NFTs into our ecosystem as well

4.(Runner): What is Two Monkey team’s $TMON token sale plan?

(Tristan): We have an INCREDIBLY long term goal for our project. Our $TMON Team token will be locked for 12 months, and we’ll only provide the team tokens to the team that stays with us for at least 12 months. But in-terms of Token Sale Plan in general, we have completed our SEED Round and currently opened for Private Rounds (it is almost full). Our Public IDO Sale round will happen from 15th to 18th March and thereafter listing on Bitforex.

(Runner): Awesome, that’s just around the corner.

(Tristan): Yep, just tomorrow we will be starting our raise across our various launchpads!

(Runner): Where can we find details about that?

(Tristan): All details can be found in our community telegram as well. We welcome everyone to join. Maybe an admin can share our social links later as I can’t share it.

5.(Runner): What is the development plan of the Two Monkey project at present and in the future?

(Tristan): Currently, we have already completed producing all 10,000 NFTs , we are now building the first game “Juice Blast” which we hope to launch the Beta Version in Q2 2022 as early as April. In-fact, we are also adding on some new features such as a DAPP, Dex Wallets and NFT marketplace to our ecosystem in Q3 to Q4 as well. The screenshots can be found on our website

(Runner): Nice, wishing you all the best as we move ahead

6.(Runner): Winning online games is extremely difficult. Many people are even afraid to play games for fear of losing money. What are the distinctions between the Two Monkey platforms? What are my chances of winning if I am not a professional player?

(Tristan): Our juice games are designed to be very fun and simple, think of Candy-Crush and Pokemon Go but with a blockchain infrastructure that rewards users with TMON tokens (P2E Game). Most games out there are complex, require a team , much dedication and can result in losing money, but ours is created purely for individual and fun. Maybe in the future we will create team-games, but for now, we want everyone to enjoy it.

(Runner): Nice, those are not so hard to play, and they’re extremely fun 😃.

7.(Runner): A strong community not only brings interesting ideas to the project but also attracts larger partners. So, what is your initiative to build a community? And are there any plans to recruit people with Blockchain experience to the initiative team?

(Tristan): We currently have a 6 weeks old community which is considered very new and we are just starting our marketing campaigns. We will be issuing our first Cointelegraph article next week and we are doing many AMAs (including this one! :D)

We will also be engaging several Youtubers to publish videos for us.

(Runner): Lovely… we would love to become a part of your community.

8.(Runner): One of the main issues with online gaming platforms is that at some point in time game play becomes boring. Could you share some of your”Two Monkey”features that will keep gamers motivated and glued to your platform in the long term?

(Tristan): We think of ourselves as more than just one game but more of a game-studio with one mission “to develop fun, addictive and simple enough games for the mainstream people to get into crypto space”. This is also why our first game is called “Juice Blast” and not Two Monkey Juice Bar. In Future, we will develop more games and even upgrade our game-play. 👍

(Runner): Makes a lot of sense now… it’s the bar, not the drink 😆. Many drinks in the bar.

(Tristan): Yes, and also sharing our demo gameplay video here as well. Everyone can earn $TMON and free NFTs from our games, and it is absolutely free!

(Runner): No entry barrier! Awesome🔥

9.(Runner): When it comes to security, games are pretty easy to hack. So, can you tell us more about the security that protects Two Monkey Juice Bar and players from hackers? Has your contract and game been audited and carefully tested before? If so, can you share more details about it with us?

(Tristan): Yes, our smart contracts which powers the $TMON tokens will be audited, in fact currently undergoing testing and then audits. A public audit report will be published on our website once it’s done in the next few weeks.

(Runner): Security always comes first when funds are involved

(Tristan): Very important to protect investor’s funds

(Runner): And for the last question in this very informative AMA…

10.(Runner): I have read all your web and I think your project is very good for the future or long term. Currently there are so many new projects, how can “Two Monkey Juice Bar’ be able to compete and mention its advantages over other projects/competitors?

(Tristan): Great question. We really don’t want to compete with anyone. Many crypto-games out there now 90% are almost the same when you look at it. This is why we segment ourselves as a simple game targeted more towards the mainstream players, people who don’t know crypto. In-fact, we do receive comments from various investors that our project / game is too “simple” , but again, if we make it as complex as other games, then we wouldn’t be fulfilling our mission to make “Crypto accessible to everyone , even to my mother!” 😄

(Runner): Haha, your goal is to be simple, personally I like the idea of simplicity… we have enough complex already

(Tristan): Yes agreed, we want simple easy yet addictive games for people so they don’t have to be stressed when they earn😊

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