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6 min readMar 4, 2022

Last night, we held an AMA in the TG group and asked a lot of interesting questions. For those of you who missed the question, what happened in our AMA review and check it out.

1.(Runner)Q: Welcome! Could you please tell us more about yourself?

Owl Analytics/CMO: Sure, I am CTO at Owl Analytics. I am 27 year old. I work as dev for about 4 years on many big projects. Our team live in Ireland

2.(Runner)Q: What is Owl Analytics , can you tell us about it?

Owl Analytics/CMO: This project is for analysing and clarifying digital currencies to help users get more information and $OWLA is designed as a decentralised protocol that intends to establish liquidity for a specific type of digital assets called non-fungible tokens ( NFTs ) . NFTs digital collectible trading cards, land parcels, and more. In addition, all revenue coming from those will be used back towards the growth of the project either in hiring more talents, buybacks and expanding their metaverse relationship with projects.

Runner: Sounds really unique, not sure I’ve seen any project offering this😃

3.(Runner)Q : What are your plans in the near and in the distant future?

Owl Analytics/CMO: Value Added NFTs: NFTs with special programing and unlockable content. Metaverse as a service: We will help users build their own metaverses in our OWL ecosystem. Layer 3 Blockchain: connecting and bridging all layer 2 solutions for user interface convenience.

Runner: That’s hot🔥

Owl Analytics/CMO: We are in discussions with CEXs (like Gate, KuCoin , Hotbit , Mexc )and aim to be listed on an exchange in Q2 of 2022. We have had great collaborations so far, such as working with Samsung and …

Owl Analytics/CMO: We will do IDO more widely and soon we will do IDO to xion, crypto bank defilunch (TBA). And also we Negotiate with Memepad and more…

Runner: That’s quite extensive… a lot ahead for you guys💪🏽. Pretty sure this is the first time I’m hearing of Layer 3

Owl Analytics/CMO: Yes it very unique we will share details soon 🔜

Runner: Nice we look forward

4.(Runner)Q: Can you list your partnerships please?

Owl Analytics/CMO: Sure, we worked with Metaflip, Feed system, Chimeras, Adadao, Antis, Bitball, Eron Project, Legends Mitra, Samsung Mobile.

Owl Analytics/CMO: Our twitter’s is very hot as I can share something. In coming days we will has blue tik for twitter’s 😍

Runner: WOW, Such a feat, there’s no question as to the pedigree of your project. These are all solid partnerships of cos Especially the one with Samsung, that’s super bullish🚀 Sure everyone agrees.

Owl Analytics/CMO: We are talking to Samsung Mobile to design and launch their nft suite, but we have not yet officially confirmed it because we are still talking and will announce in the coming days after the contract is finalised.

5.(Runner) Q: Can you share your roadmap and some NFTs we should be expecting?

Owl Analytics/CMO:

Owl Analytics/CMO: The original file quality is much higher. A big gift for your community 😎. Owl Analytics team gift to IDO participants at @DfiStarterOfficial. 5 NFT bonuses for investors in IDO. Currently, each NFT is priced at 2K, and with the upcoming collaborations, the price is likely to increase in the coming days. The Owl Analytics team will soon be working with Samsung Mobile for the NFT suite. Join IDO on @DfiStarterOfficial on March 5 and have the chance to win OWL NFTs.

Benefit for everyone 🤝🍻

(Runner): Will send in some questions from our ever curious community members🥳.

(Runner): Users often care less about technology, but rather the value of the token. How does Project manage to strike a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of the token? (from @Chandjv1)

Owl Analytics/CMO: Ohh good questions as you see we work with big projects we can do it easily also we will do buy-buck Burn etc…

Owl Analytics/CMO: We are also talking to the ARIVA team to design and launch their NFT suite and assist them in the METAVERSE section.

(Runner): Are you considering being an aggregator in the foreseeable future like CG or CMC or something? How do you list assets? Do projects have to gets some minimum requirements or you randomly select? (form @NFTalibaba)

Owl Analytics/CMO: Yes we has some requirements not all project first of all must has min 2000$ volume daily.

(Runner): Would there be such a thing as a staking pool for users and early adopters? I really care to know. (from @Optimus1X)

Owl Analytics/CMO: For example when you add liquidity for our token you will received a token you can stack it in our platform and received high APY rewards.

(Runner): I understand that $OWLA is designed as a decentralised protocol that intends to establish liquidity for a specific type of digital assets like NFTs; but how do the developers intend to achieve this? (from @OchefuAristocr1)

Owl Analytics/CMO: More members are being added to our team to help our team do the impossible and reach the pinnacle. As I said recently it’s a unique platform. We will share an article soon about it.

Steve/Owl Analytics: Each team or project has a unique strategy for the project that is visible over time. We are still starting, but rest assured our team is in the background; We are working hard to get the best results for this project and the trust of investors 🤝

(Runner): Good to hear that. Development is constant💪🏽

(Runner): What are the other new advantages of $OWLA? In the future, whether this token will become a new ecosystem becomes a hype, considering that this Owl Analytics was created for the first time. Can we term Owl Analytics as a competitor of CMC and Coingecko? (from @s9648092206)

Steve/Owl Analytics: We are not made to compete because we are our best. We are designed to help users learn more about market size, tokens and how to invest so that they have enough buying and selling experience to make a profit. We are created to help users and develop the crypto world to make the crypto world a more beautiful place so that more enthusiasts from all over the world can turn to digital currencies.

Owl Analytics/CMO: Our website is free for all projects soon we share free api as you see cmc and cg both sell API keys soo it’s good for us.

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