Yolee Universe project IDO on DfiStarter

The key Yolee Universe project IDO on DfiStarter details are as follows:

We will combine a whitelist pool with a DFA pool.

That means that new investors, who don’t own DFA yet, can go for the whitelist allocation, while experienced DfiStarters may use the DFA pool.

Using the whitelist pool will be very easy to do for new investors.

Using the DFA pool will be beneficial for experienced investors, since the maximum allocation is bigger in this pool.

An address can be allowed to participate in two pools

📌 IDO time: 6 am 10th June, 2022 UTC (8 hours)

2 pools will open on the same time

Platform: app.dfistarter.io

📌 DFA pool

The total amount of IDO: 40,000BUSD, which is 4,000,000 YUS

✅DFA: BUSD= 1:1

✅Price:0.01 BUSD

✅Network: BSC


✅Min 100-Max 1000

📌 Whitelist pool

The total amount of IDO: 10,000 BUSD, which is 1,000,000 YUS

Price:0.01 BUSD

✅Network: BSC


✅50 fixed seats

✅Fixed allocation 200 BUSD

✅Selected addresses for whitelist : 200

Whitelist Tasks:

Join DfiStarter TG: https://t.me/DfiStarterOfficial

Join YoleeUniverse discord:https://discord.com/invite/dk3zVghYnc

Join YoleeUniverse TG:https://t.me/YoleeP2E

📌 Follow both twitter



📌 Retweet pinned tweet and tag 3 friends

📌 Pls fill out the Whitelist form (link below) :


📌 Claim: TBA

📌 TGE: 100%, Fully unlock

About YoleeUniverse

Yolee Universe is a meta-universe platform for 2E(Online to Earn) games driven by YoleeDAO. Yolee Universe will develop and maintain different types of games independently and YoleeDAO will support games that join the Yolee Universe

ecosystem. Every player will be able to find their own place in the Yolee Universe and get solid and growing income


Yolee Universe is a multifaceted meta-universe ecology with iterations of different types of games decided by voting in YoleeDAO. The new02E(Online to Earn) gameplay allows players to experience both on-hook to earn and real work, bringing players a second job. The access to bitcoin mining arithmetic brings different revenue options for players




DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.

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DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.

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