Read before DfiStarter product test

Dear users, here we sincerely appreciate your long-term support and patient waiting.

In mid-July, we opened the first phase of the beta product form, and we received approximately 30,000 submissions. We were deeply shocked by your enthusiasm, and your enthusiasm inspired us. Since the number of participants did exceed our expectations, it took us a while to evaluate the results and screen out over 10,000 qualified candidates.

We have sent a simple test email to affirm that the users can successfully accept our email to all the people on the qualified list. This is to prepare for sending the second stage form and product test link.

For those who did not pass the screening, we thank you very much for your participation, and please don’t be disappointed, for we will also have airdrop activities in the future.

Stay tuned to us, we will select the people who have been active in the community and promote DfiStarter on social media platforms to provide rewards

What do you need before testing

1- We will use the Ropsten network for the product test.

Our current test gas is not enough to distribute to everyone who participates in the test.

Please go get it.

Change your wallet network to Ropsten network first!

Please make sure you receive the rETH before testing the product. You will have enough time to complete the test when the form opens.

2- Token model of DfiStarter

Before testing, we need to give you a brief introduction to the dual-currency model of DfiStarter, so that you can better understand it.

Proposing a new and fair model– Two Tokens Systems with $DFI and $DFA

$DFI –

·is the heart of DfiStarter, acting as a governance token for both the community and project infrastructure.

·$DFI can be staked to earn $DFA.

·$DFI can be burned to get the boosters.

·There is a fixed supply of $DFI at issuance of 100 mil tokens.

$DFA —

Access to allocation pools, and the fixed supply of 100 billion tokens to be released linearly over 5 years.

Access to Allocation Pools by $DFA

·Users need to subscribe to the allocations in $DFA for the IDO projects hosted by DfiStarter.

·All allocations will be shared proportionally among users who subscribe the IDO projects.

·For example, assuming the allocation pool is $200k USD and the total subscribed amount is $10 mil USD.

·If User A subscribes $1 mil worth of $DFA, User A will be getting $20k allocation assuming no one uses boosters.

Booster Program

·Booster is the unique offering feature by DfiStarter IDO Launchpad.

·There will be multiple types of Boosters for each IDO project on DfiStarter, and can be bought by burning $DFI.

·The Booster is used for multiplying the subscribed allocation amount, e.g. if User A subscribes $1 mil worth of $DFA and a 2x booster applied,

the subscribed allocation will be $2 mil rather than $1 mil.

·The Booster is designed as NFT, which can be also traded in the market.

This beta product will have DFI and DFA, and Booster will be updated in future product iterations.

3- Test process

The beta version of the product supports Metamask wallet, you can create a new wallet for testing or import your existing wallet (for security purposes, we recommend you create a new wallet)

When your wallet is ready, you need to get the ETH on the Ropsten network first, which is the GAS required for testing.

· Please keep your wallet network as Ropsten.

Click on the product test link and connect to your wallet. After successfully linking the wallet, start the test. After the test is completed, you need to fill in the second stage form and submit your test report.

*Failing to submit the test report will be regarded as a waiver.

The above are the precautions for participating in the test. We will prepare a detailed test tutorial and release it soon.

Please note: When you receive the test link and the form link, please do not send it to others. Only the whitelisted users in the first phase of the test can get the airdrop. If they do not participate in the first phase or are not on the list, they will not get the airdrop even if they participate in the test.

This beta version aims to allow users to participate in the test, experience the product, and make suggestions, but the final version of the product may differ.

Subject to the final full version, this beta version has two core functions: IDO and Staking. And other functions and tools will be gradually updated in the future.

We will send the test link and the second stage form shortly, so please pay attention to the official announcement of DfiStarter.

Thank you again for your continued support!

DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.