Meme cake Whitelist for Dfistarter IDO is now OPEN

2 min readFeb 8, 2022

Meme cake Whitelist for Dfistarter IDO is now OPEN !!

*「Special reward: Choose 5 winners from the whitelisted addresses and reward 5 Memecake NFTs」

Whitelist open time:10:00am 8th UTC

Whitelist open time:10:00am 10th UTC

IDO open time: 8:00am 11th UTC

IDO Platform:

📌Whitelist pool details

The total amount of IDO: 30,000 BUSD, which is 7,500,000 MCKs

✅Price:0.004 BUSD

✅Network: BSC


150 fixed seats

Fixed allocation 200 BUSD

✅Selected addresses for whitelist : 300

✅Whitelisted addresses need to hold any number of DFIs, greater than 1 DFI


Join DfiStarter TG:

Join Meme cake discord:

📌Follow both Dfistarter and Meme cake on twitter

📌Retweet pinned tweet and tag 3 friends

Pls fill out the Whitelisting form (link below) :

Easily possible with MetaMask.

Vesting period: 6 months (Monthly)

Claim: TBA


What is Meme Cake?

Meme Cake is the worlds first Multi-chain social NFT marketplace built on Dfinity and Solana! A platform where projects can reach out to verified community members for support.

Traders are getting incentivized for their activity and Meme Cake will also have staking and other options within the platform to bring more utility to the $MCAKE token.

What’s the tech behind Meme Cake?

Meme Cakes software developers have magnificent process and development experience. They worked with companies like Vechain, Equifax and Cardano in the past.

Meme Cake also brings the true potential of IC to life. It has a Solana NFT marketplace, and the SOL NFT’s are hosted on the IC chain, making it truly decentralized. The SOL marketplace will help to bring more liquidity and introduce new traders to the IC.

What are the next steps for Meme Cake?

Meme Cake is looking forward to their Solana Marketplace launch and their IC Over The Counter NFT marketplace.

The development is ongoing and the team of Meme Cake is tirelessly working on achieving milestones.

How will the IDO in DFIStarter work?

For the first time we will combine a whitelist pool with a DFA pool. That means, that new investors, who don’t own DFA yet, can go for the whitelist allocation, while experienced DfiStarters may use the DFA pool.

Using the whitelist pool will be very easy to do for new investors. Using the DFA pool will be beneficial for experienced investors, since the maximum allocation is bigger in this pool.

For more IDO information, please follow the official announcement channel of Dfistarter:




DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.