DfiStarter New Staking Rules & Tier system Overview

5 min readJan 31, 2022

Dear Users

We appreciate your long-term support and patience as we announced the DfiStarter 2022 roadmap a few times ago.

We are currently working on the follow-up development as planned and aim to complete these tasks within the planned time frame.

As you know, the IDO process of DfiStarter platform is that users need to own DFI first, get DFI tokens from the secondary market, and then stake DFI to earn DFA. Only if you have DFA and use DFA and BUSD at the same time when joining any IDO pool, you can successfully get the allocation.

DFA has been an important participation factor in IDO for the past few months. However, this has created some issues that need to be changed.

The primary factor is that the barrier to entry for new users is too high, as the output of DFA is not high and it takes time to Staking DFI for a period of time to participate in IDO in a timely manner, which leads to a large portion of new users not being able to join IDO quickly and easily.

The role of DFI as the core token of Dfistarter platform has been weakened. The reason is that we currently provide IDO and staking features to highlight the importance of DFA, many users do not stake DFI and get DFA through other ways to participate in IDO.

But in our future plans will develop more features and deflation mechanisms to emphasize the role of DFI, Dfistarter is not just a launchpad. In the near future, we will bring you more possibilities and surprises.

All the users who participate in the stake have different amounts of stake, and the time they want to pledge is also different.

Based on the above-personalized needs, we believe that a staking system with a variety of options will help users better, so in the new change, The version provides you with more diverse choices.

In terms of IDO, a clear hierarchy also helps make it easier and faster for users to understand what stage they should be in, what stage is guaranteed allocation, and what stage is first-come, first-served.

We have been collecting feedback and suggestions from users in the past three months since the platform was launched, hoping to find the most suitable way to use the platform for users.

We decided to launch a new program after a long investigation and research, in order for you to get a better product experience. We have made some product changes, the following is a preview of this product and the effect of the relevant illustrations, the final data, and rules to the platform official announcement shall prevail.

About Staking

The new Dfistarter platform will have four Staking pools ,respectively 7days / 14/days / 21days / 60 days.


APR: per block outputs 0.2 DFA, and all outputs will be distributed to everyone in the pool based on the proportion of each person’s staked DFI.


APR: per block outputs 0.4 DFA, and all outputs will be distributed to everyone in the pool based on the proportion of each person’s staked DFI.


APR: per block outputs 0.6 DFA, and all outputs will be distributed to everyone in the pool based on the proportion of each person’s staked DFI.

60 days

APR: per block outputs 1 DFA, and all outputs will be distributed to everyone in the pool based on the proportion of each person’s staked DFI.

The DFA output is different for each pool, and the longer the Staking time, the higher the DFA output will be.

And each pool will have an Early unstake fee: 25%, which is charged to those who unlock early.

The pools are not locked, but there will be an early unstake fee, which will not be charged to anyone who respects the pool time rules.

Please note that the Early unstake fee: 25% is charged for DFI and the Early unstake fee DFI will be destroyed periodically.

IDO Tier system

The current tier system is determined by the total number of DFIs staked by users in the staking pool.

This means that you can participate in multiple staking pools, not just one.

We give the reference data as

Jupiter — Mercury — Mars — Moon

1000 DFI — 5000 DFI — 10000 DFI → 10000 DFI (Guaranteed allocation)

(This data and tier names are for reference only and are not final)

First IDO rules still need to burn DFA, but all addresses entering the pool must hold DFI or have staked DFI. Only hold DFA cannot participate.

1- The IDO pool will allow all guaranteed levels to be purchased first within the first hour, and will be open to non-guaranteed levels after one hour FCFS.

If all the quotas are taken away by the guaranteed allocation, then the pool will be closed early.


2 — Set different hard caps according to different project conditions, to ensure that the assigned level will get the highest hard cap.


3 — The order of opening of the pool is prioritized to ensure the allocation of Moon class, other classes will pass through the sequence FCFS Mars — Mercury — Jupiter.

DFI’s platform functions in the future: NFT auction, Mint NFT, NFT market DFI will be the most important core tokens.

Thank you very much for your patience with this important update.

We plan to complete and start the new Staking system and tier system in February and are currently in the process of extensive testing and data analysis. We are keeping it open to all of you guys.

Thanks again for your long-term support as we strive to give you a better product experience.




DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.