DfiStarter: Everything you need to know about our IDO Launchpad

3 min readSep 14, 2021


DfiStarter is the first project accelerator build for Dfinity-based projects, providing them with multiple services and technologies they need to succeed in the long term, including a unique Initial Decentralized Offering (IDO) platform, along with marketing services, technical support, and unique platform solutions.

IDO Platforms are extremely important to the existence of any blockchain ecosystem as they provide the necessary infrastructure for developers and startups to easily and quickly raise funds from the community and, in turn, build tools that support the ecology of said ecosystem. Without a quality IDO launchpad, it’s harder for developers to create dApps and it is also harder for community members to take advantage of the features provided by the blockchain itself.

In order to keep you, our community, in the know, we want to share all possible details about every aspect of our platform. As so, we are writing a series of articles detailing every feature of our platforms, starting with our IDO platform, its unique features, and why we feel it brings together all the conditions necessary to benefit projects and users alike.

DfiStarter IDO Launchpad

The DfiStarter launchpad is an end-to-end solution that empowers projects to easily raise capital on Dfinity. We plan to launch the DfiStarter IDO Launchpad on Dfinity beta by the end of the fourth quarter of 2021 and will feature full KYC integration, governance voting, and permissionless listing.

Our launchpad relies on several existing and novel features that set it apart from other launchpads within the cryptocurrency space, including a dual token system and new allocation models for user participation, ensuring more transparency and fairness.

Additional features like our Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange and Money Market Services go hand in hand with the IDO launchpad in order to ensure a complete service for post IDO projects, although these features will be discussed in more detail in future posts.

Dual token system

As previously mentioned, our IDO platform employs a Dual token system, relying on $DFI and $DFA in which the former is a decentralized governance token and the latter is the platform’s utility token, which allows users to access allocation pools.

$DFI allows its holders to vote on proposals for both the community and project infrastructure. $DFI tokens can be staked in order to earn $DFA and burned to access the booster programs. $DFA tokens are then used to gain access to IDO allocations which are shared proportionally among users who subscribe to the IDO projects.

Lottery system and the Booster Program

Our IDO Launchpad will offer a two-tiered token lottery system to ensure fair and transparent distribution along with the previously mentioned Booster program which is a unique feature of the DfiStarter IDO Launchpad. This program can be accessed by burning $DFI tokens which then multiply the subscribed allocation amount that the user has subscribed to with his $DFI tokens.

About DfiStarter

DfiStarter is a Dfinity-based launchpad for token pools and auctions. As the first project accelerator for the Dfinity ecosystem, DfiStarter provides premier projects built on this next-gen blockchain platform with crowdfunding, marketing, AMM, public relations, and tech support services.

By providing premier Dfinity projects with all the tools they need to have a successful launch and prosperous lifecycle, DfIStarter creates the perfect environment for lucrative and secure crowdfunding opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem.

DfiStarter also provides its users and projects additional tools like an AMM-based Decentralized Exchange, Money Market Services, Oracle Integrations, and more.

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DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.