DfiStarter Early Access Test Tutorial

4 min readAug 12, 2021


Dear users,

In return for your long-term support of our project, the second phase of the product test airdrop event is now available!

We have sent test links and forms to everyone who passed the first stage. (PS: Airdrop event is only for those who have passed the first stage screening participated in the test and submitted the forms successfully. For those who did not participate or did not pass the first stage screening, we sincerely welcome you to experience our product)

Before that, please confirm that you already have the GAS of the Ropsten network.

When you receive the email, please click on the test link inside to enter our test website.

DfiStarter product test time: 2021/08/13 00:00–2021/08/15 23:59 (SGT)

DfiStarter Product Testing Process

Before testing, please log in to MetaMask to import the wallet you have created.

After logging in, click [Connect Wallet] to link your wallet at the top of the page and select [MetaMask]

After successfully connected, switch the network to the test network (Ropsten).

Click on Faucet on the NavBar to claim the test tokens
Receive tokens to your test wallet

Add two test tokens to MetaMask. Click [Add Token], copy and fill in the Contract Address and click [Next].

DFI@Ropsten Contract Address:


DFA @RopstenContract Address:


USDT@Ropsten Address:


When adding Ropsten USDT tokens, you need to edit the token name as USDTRopsten.(due to characters limits)

Complete the above steps to start the formal test, click [Staking] on the NavBar, select the test project, and click the Pools.

Stake DFI

After the addition is complete, go back to the homepage and click [Staking], then click [Stake], enter any number on the pop-up page, or simply click [Max], and then click [Stake].

After finishing Staking test, you can start testing Project.Click on Project on the NavBar, select the test project and click [Enter].

Jump to the project pool details page, click [Approve], and a pop-up window will show up in the upper right corner and click [OK] on it.

After completing the test, please submit your test information and test report within the open time of the form (please note that the test report is required).

To prevent fake accounts participated, the test report will be strictly reviewed and multiple submissions with the same content will be rejected.

Please do remember the wallet you use to participate in the test. We will announce all the winners’ addresses after the test ends.

Thank you again for your participation, for our development is inseparable from your valuable suggestions and continued support!

DfiStarter Team




DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.