DfiStarter Detailed Roadmap

This year we proudly presented DfiStarter, the first project accelerator built on the Dfinity ecosystem, a launchpad to empower projects through quick and cheap capital raise, while providing them with tailored tools and technology services designed to facilitate their path to long term success and sustained growth

As we reach this year’s final quarter and rapidly approach 2022, we now take a moment to go through our roadmap in greater detail and to break down, step by step, the process of bringing this ambitious project to life.

Q3 2021

During the third quarter of the year, we took our first steps towards introducing DfiStarter as the first Launchpad on the Dfinity Ecosystem and presenting to the community in as much detail as possible.

Furthermore, we Launched our native token $DFI and prepared the beta version of DfiStarter to go live. It was also in this quarter that we began the integration of our Oracle, a unified general data protocol of off-chain for any blockchain system, capable of providing accurate and reliable data for dApps, gaming, and NFTs.

  • Token launch of DfiStarter
  • DfiStarter IDO Launchpad beta product live
  • Integration of DfiStarter Oracle services

Q4 2021

Now, as we enter the last quarter of 2021, we also enter another crucial stage for DfiStarter. In this last quarter, we have set in motion the development of complex technical features for our platform and entered a decisive stage in the progress of building DfiStarter as the groundbreaking Launchpad we envision it to be.

In addition to launching the beta version of our Tech Support Services, our team began working on all the technical aspects surrounding the Development of a DDEX on Dfinity and the creation of our Money Market Services that will support all Dfinity assets and enable traders to access a wide range of credits quickly and seamlessly.

  • DfiStarter IDO Launchpad on Dfinity
  • Beta Launch of DfiStarter Tech Support Services
  • Tech Development framework of DDEX on Dfinity
  • Tech Development framework of DfiStarter Money Market on Dfinity

Q1 2022

Now, as we enter the new year, we also enter another crucial stage for DfiStarter. In this quarter, we will introduce the features we’ve been working on for the past months. Money Market services will be launched in a Beta version, remaining in continued development throughout the remainder of the year. As for the DDEX, it will become fully operational in the upcoming months. Moreover, we will introduce Technology Support Services for projects developing on Dfinity such as:

  • Dfinity Standard Token issuance
  • Staking Smart Contract Support
  • Yield Farming Set-up Support
  • Cross-chain bridges
  • Vesting Contract with CSV Import
  • Beta Launch of DfiStarter Money Market
  • Launch of Tech Support Services on Dfinity
  • Launch of DDEX on Definity

About DfiStarter

DfiStarter is a Dfinity-based launchpad for token pools and auctions. As the first project accelerator for the Dfinity ecosystem, DfiStarter provides premier projects built on this next-gen blockchain platform with crowdfunding, marketing, AMM, public relations, and tech support services.

By providing premier Dfinity projects with all the tools they need to have a successful launch and prosperous lifecycle, DfIStarter creates the perfect environment for lucrative and secure crowdfunding opportunities within the blockchain ecosystem.

DfiStarter also provides its users and projects additional tools like an AMM-based Decentralized Exchange, Money Market Services, Oracle Integrations and more.

To learn more about DfIStarter, join the community here:

Homepage | Medium | Twitter | Telegram | Github | Reddit




DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.

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DfiStarter is the first IDO launchpad for Dfinity, the next generation ultra fast blockchain.

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