DfiStarter 2021 Review

DfiStarter has grown rapidly in 2021, and we have made some major achievements within this year. Let’s take a look at our timeline.

In March, DfiStarter Project was established. Our original intention and vision are to become the First Project Accelerator for Dfinity. And we hope to bring crowdfunding, PR, marketing, and tech support services to the Dfinity ecosystem.

In April, DfiStarter official website, social media accounts, and TG community were established. And we improved the planning of the tokenomics model and platform functions. Then, we made our first public appearance.

In May, Internet computers went online. We are very excited to start researching products development on IC. We contacted the Dfinity Foundation and held several meetings to discuss the possibility of developing defi products on IC.

In June, we started to develop the beta product. At the same time, we completed the private sale round and got support from more than 20 partners.

In July, we announced the design draft of Dfistarter platform beta version and held the airdrop event for product test. Within 72 hours of the airdrop, we received about 30K applications. After screening, more than 20,000 people participated in the product test. At the same time, social media data grew rapidly.

In August, the beta version of Dfistarter was released. We received a large number of test feedback. In order to provide users with a better product experience, we kept testing repeatedly and optimizing products.

In September, our Whitelist campaign and DfiStarter limited edition NFT campaign were launched. Throughout this month, we adjusted the final product to be launched and prepared for the launch. In order to let users know more information, we released the rules of DFI public sale, tokenomics model, and more details about Dfistarter.

Also, we completed the audit of the whole Dfistarter platform.

In October, the Dfistarter platform and DFI tokens were launched after preparations for the launch details and plans. Also, we were listed on Pancake and MEXC exchanges. After listing, we locked the liquidity in time.

In November, Dfistarter opened two staking pools, and more than 60% of the circulating circulation had been staked within 24 hours.

In December, several projects were launched during the period after the Dfistarter platform officially started operating. Some of the projects are surprisingly popular.

During the period of formal operation, we found that there is a lot of information and feedback that needs to be paid attention to, such as the quality of IDO projects, project marketing and IDO rules of different platforms, and so on. As for the period after the launch, we also encountered some technical and operational errors. It is our regret that this has happened and let some users feel disappointed

We deeply understand that the most important thing along this path is always the safety of users’ funds and the interests of users.

We have made many strategic adjustments this month. Those are also the directions we are striving to adjust, and all product upgrades will also take place.

We are currently working on product and website upgrades, and there will be many new changes in the next update

1- Stake DFI to earn DFA There will be multiple pools for users to choose

There will be different staking pools of 7 days/14 days/20 days/60/days.

The longer DFI staked, the higher the DFA’s income.

Only hold DFA can’t participate in IDO

2- We will open up the Booster auction function, which is an accelerator of the Dfistarter platform.

Users who use Booster participating in IDO will be allocated Double.

Booster auctions will use DFI as payment.

3- In the future IDO, we hope to bring users a variety of ways to participate.

Burning DFA is one way, and holding DFI is also a way to participate in IDO according to tier.

4- More staking pools will be opened for the projects who launched on DfiStarter.

In order to provide users with a more reasonable and convenient experience, and to provide more protection to DFI holders, we plan to make the above updates.

The specific rules are subject to the final update!

At the same time, we will also choose higher quality projects, quality rather than quantity.

Some of the new product UI:

Images are only for demonstration purposes, the actual update shall prevail. All the above updates will be completed by the end of Q1.

Last but not least, we wish you all a sparkling new year, and please continue to be with us in the year 2022 to see a better Dfistarter!



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