CCOM IDO Tutorials

3 min readNov 27, 2021


Dear users,

CCOM IDO is coming soon. In order to facilitate your participation, please refer to the following tutorial, or contact our Telegram admin if you encounter any problems.

Please make sure you have enough BUSD and DFA before participating in IDO,because if you don’t have enough funds you will be encounter with a contract error.

The following is an example of the error.
When this happens,please check if your wallet has enough assets first. Please note that for this IDO, the ratio of DFA to BUSD is 2:1.

For example: If you want to invest 300 BUSDs, then you must have at least 600 DFAs.

Example of error

Here we go to the ido tutorial.(Here are examples of soft-top and hard-top pools.)

First the soft-top pool

Click to enter — BUSD approval — DFA approval


Click Join after the successful Approve

Please enter the amount you wish to purchase. Note that it cannot be lower than or exceed the range of $50-$300 required by the pool, amounts outside this range are invalid. You can enter any number within that range.

Enter the number and click Purchase, then click Confirm on the transaction page that pops up. The pool will display the amount you invested after the transaction is successful.

After a successful transaction, the pool shows the amount of your investment and your token allocation, which means you have successfully completed your IDO.

Completion screen

Second the hard-top pool

The hard-top pool process is the same as the soft-top pool. First, Approve, then click Join, and enter the fixed quota (For this IDO, the fixed quota required by the pool is 100).

After entering the number and clicking Purchase, click confirm on the transaction page that pops up. After the successful transaction, the amount of your investment and your token allocation will be displayed in the pool,which means you have successfully completed the IDO.


After the IDO , 40% of the unlocked CCOM tokens will be distributed to each successful participant via airdrop, which will take place 10 minutes after Listing.
According to Vesting, the remaining tokens will be distributed through airdrops every month.
Vesting Period: 40%TGE after with the remainder split equally over 6 more months.(40%/10%/10%/10%/10%/10%/10%)

For more information about IDO, please click here




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